Meaningful tests for busy devs As developers, we know how important it is to test our code. But writing non-trivial tests that actually check code functionality is tedious, frustrating, and can easily consume half of your day.

We get it. And that’s why we’ve built CodiumAI. CodiumAI plugs into your IDE and suggests meaningful test suites as you code. It does this by exploring and analyzing your code, docstrings, and comments and dynamically interacting with you – the dev.

This is the first big step on our mission to create a new code integrity paradigm combining the power of both artificial and human intelligence, in which developers can build faster with zero bugs.

And yes, it’s free. Get your free CodiumAI for Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript (VSCode and JetBrains IDEs are supported)

CodiumAI is powered by our proprietary algorithmic engine TestGPT – a testing-oriented model on top of OpenAI and the popular ChatGPT API. But, CodiumAI is not another fancy ‘Language-model-API in your IDE’ because –

  • a. We’re pro at testing domain needs, configurations, and prompting.
  • b. We parallelize and chain multiple calls to create a unique variety of meaningful tests.
  • c. We efficiently gather broad code context for the prompts.
  • d. We let you interact with your test suite, fine-tuning your suite with references to existing tests, input samples, and more. At CodiumAI, we’re creating a new code integrity paradigm combining the power of artificial and human intelligence. Our vision is to enable developers to build faster with zero bugs.


We take security, privacy, and compliance very seriously. CodiumAI only analyzes the code necessary to give it enough context to generate meaningful tests, and the data is SSL encrypted. Also, we are in the SOC2 certification process. We follow responsible practices in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

CodiumAI analyzes your code and generates an analysis of your code. With Codium, you can easily and quickly create comprehensive test suites that help you ensure the reliability and correctness of your software.