- is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps users easily capture and transcribe meeting notes. Some of its top features include:

  1. Automatic note-taking: can record and automatically transcribe meetings, allowing users to focus on the conversation without worrying about missing important notes.
  2. Customizable transcriptions: Users can edit transcriptions, highlight important points, and add comments to their notes, creating a more personalized and organized meeting summary.
  3. Integrations with popular tools: can integrate with various tools such as Slack, Zoom, and Google Calendar, making it easy to use and accessible for different workflows.
  4. AI meeting analytics: The platform can provide analytical insights on meeting patterns, including time spent on each topic and speakers’ participation, helping users identify areas for improvement.
  5. Collaboration features: allows users to share notes and collaborate on action items with teammates, increasing transparency and accountability in team meetings.

In summary, is a useful tool that streamlines the note-taking process, increases productivity, and improves the collaboration and organization of meeting outcomes.