The AI Search Engine You Control! is a search engine that integrates AI into search for a more personalized experience. Some of its top features include:

  1. No Ads: is a free search engine without any ads, ensuring a clean and distraction-free experience.
  2. AI Chatbot: features an AI chatbot that can help answer your search queries in a conversational manner.
  3. Personalized Search: allows users to influence which sources they see, resulting in more personalized search results.
  4. Professional Searchers: offers a function for AI code completion, allowing professional searchers to save time and find information more efficiently.
  5. AI Art: integrates AI into search results by providing AI-generated art that’s relevant to users’ search queries.
  6. Balanced Sources: offers a default list of sources that balances popularity, comprehensiveness, and ease-of-use.

Overall,’s top features center around personalization and AI integration to offer users a unique and efficient search experience.